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Animage Setting Materials (設定資料) vol. 188 featuring Space Dandy (スペース☆ダンディ). Character designs by Yoshiyuki Ito, spaceship design by Thomas Romain.

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*cries a river* LOOK ITTTTTT AHHHHH! after 114 eggs welcome Septimus! Totodile is pretty much my favorite starter as shiny and thanks to a follower i got a 5IV female lure ball totodile earlier this morming, i started it right then since it was breed ready! my very first one ( which took 1,550 eggs on an old black 2 save file) will always be my love but aaahhhh!!! Huuuge shout out to the person who gave me the female!!!! :D i wish him luck on his hunts!

*screams* i’m so happyyyyy x)))

I still have females left over UFT :)

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The Avengpurrs

I laughed out loud at the third one.

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